Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pursuing God - A Prayer

If I could only write a prayer such as the one below, but since I do not possess that ability, then if my heart truly seeks God, I can read this prayer out loud to God and mean each and every word.  If not then I am simply playing with religion.   

"Lord Jesus, I come to Thee for spiritual preparation.  Lay Thy hand upon me.  Anoint me with the oil of the New Testament prophet.  Forbid that I should become a religious scribe and thus lose my prophetic calling.  Save me from the curse that lies dark across the face of the modern clergy, the curse of compromise, of imitation, of professionalism.  Save me from the error of judging a church by its size, its popularity or the amount of its yearly offerings.  Help me to remember that I am a prophet—not a promoter, not a religious manager, but a prophet.  Let me never become a slave to crowds. 

Heal my soul of carnal ambitions and deliver me from the itch for publicity.  Save me from bondage to things.  Let me not waste my days puttering around the house.  Lay Thy terror upon me, O God, and drive me to the place of prayer where I may wrestle with principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world.  Deliver me from overeating and late sleeping.  Teach me self-discipline that I may be a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

I accept hard work and small rewards in this life.  I ask for no easy place.  I shall try to be blind to the little ways that could make my life easier. If others seek the smoother path, I shall try to take the hard way without judging them too harshly.  I shall accept opposition and try to take it quietly when it comes.  Or if, as sometimes it faileth out to Thy servants, I should have grateful gifts pressed upon me by Thy kindly people, stand by me then and save me from the blight that often follows.  Teach me to use whatever I receive in such manner that it will not injure my soul or diminish my spiritual power."

A.W. Tozer

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