Tuesday, August 16, 2011

While You Were Sleeping - Christian Martyrs

On January 7 of this year, one day after a phone conversation with her neighbor, during which Asha Mberwa shared her testimony of her Christian faith; in front of her children and the villagers in Warbhigly, on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Islamic extremists slit the throat of 36-year-old Asha because of her faith in Christ.  Asha is survived by her children – ages 12, 8, 6 and 4 – and her husband of 17 years, who was not home at the time she was apprehended.  According to Compass News, Asha’s children are being cared by “a good Samaritan” in Mogadishu.

Sadly Asha’s story is hardly unique, yet we in the Western world prefer statistics, we do love our statistics, confident that everything can and needs to be demonstrated empirically.  Can we measure our own Luke warmness with statistics?  If so, perhaps it would be by this statistic.  Last year 105,000 Christians just like Asha were martyred for their faith.  That works out to 1 person every 5 minutes.   A number that begs the question, how does your faith stack up compared to Asha’s?  How is your walk?  

On your way home tonight, as you stop to pick up the latest movie and dinner, driving past the man on the corner with the sign begging for food.  As you pat yourself on the back for ushering at your church, or perhaps as you are walking to your bible study group contemplating divorce, because God just wants you to be happy, and your spouse isn’t making you happy.  Think about this short list of names; a list of those just like Asha Mberwa, those who like her gave their life for their faith.  Just a short list of names, the number of Christians that will be martyred as you get your 8 hours of sleep tonight.  By the time you are done reading this post, 1 more name will be added to it.

Asha Mberwa
Rei Unius
Hasem Patros Dman
Helda Zuhair Astefan
Nadan Yonadm
Safae sabah habesh
Dani Eshak
Weliam Qaiser
Esmaeil Yuosef Sadeq
Sargon Nato
Bashir Toma
Dr. Sarmad Sami
Majed Bia Toma
Haitham Sulaka Hanna
Eklas Qorial Yokana
Narmin Yonan
Aodisho Shamun Aodisho
Marta Zkaria Warda
Farid Aodisho Shamun
Zaia Audisho Shamun
Amijan Kona Eaziz
Jaudat KaKos
Ednan Hanna Bia Al-Shaklaui
Rannin Raeed
Rafi Raeed
Romio Aisha Daud
Emad Mika
Wesam Yakob Asoffi
Samir Shlemon
Ashur Korial Yalda
Saher Farej Murdakai
Aisho Nissan Markos
Ramzia Nuia Youkana
Duraid Sabri Hanna
Alis Ara Maiss
Aida Bedros Bogos
Muna Jalal Karim
Sami Saeed
Rami Saeed
Shada Sada
Janet Sada
Janan Jossef
Hanni Yuohanna Naeum
Rimon Farok Shamun
Firas Moefak
Raed Eishoe Naem
Takrid Abd Almasih
Hala Abd Almasih
Tara Majid
Nessan Sliua Shamueel
Kaled Poles
Hani Poles
KorKis Yoaresh Nessan
Mark Luis Shito
Bassam Sabri
Sanne Toma
Munir Toma
Maradona Emanuel Nessan
Raeed Nessan
Amer Nessan
Amir Shabo
Rassm Elias Sliwa
Naeem Korkis
Emanuel Nessan Mammo
Majd Sako
Mehari Gebreneguse Asgedom
Mother of Lao Lia Po
Hrudayananda Nayak
Shakeela Bibi
Luis Edilberto Velazquez
Francisco Meléndez
Suzan Latif David
Muna Banna David
Basil Shaba
Gregor Kerkeling
Mohammed Sheikh Abdiraman
Yemane Kahasay Andom
Pastor Sabo Yakubu,
Rev. Sylvester Akpan
Rev. George Orji and 9 other believers
Hameed Masih,
Akhlaq Hameed
Asia Hameed
Asifa Hameed
Umia Hameed
Musa Hameed.
Ahmed Matan
Omar Khalafe
Mariam Muhina Hussein
Amina Muse Ali
Mumin Abdikarim Yusuf
Patras Masih

Patras Mashi is meet by a small group of his friends on the outskirts of Karol village, all of their eyes focused on their long time companion and friend.  After Patras refuses his friends urging him to recant his professed faith of Christianly, His friends draw guns and Patras is ordered to recant his faith if he wishes his friends to spare his life, Patras again refuses.  Patras Masih died from multiple gunshot wounds. 

His dejected and grieving father said with a sad, faint but proud smile, “My son bravely refused to recant Christianity and clung to Christ, he bravely embraced martydom.” Each of the names listed above all knew, what is Christianity.

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