Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rules for Life - Six Little Words

I was reading an essay by a noted author the other day on the rules for life, and he had come up with over 100 of them.  So I started searching and discovered that tens of thousands of “authorities’” have written up "their" rules for life (a Google search turned up over 937 million pages).  Which got me thinking, what are the rules for life in their most fundamental form?  Amazingly they come down to six little words.  If you don’t get these six correct, every other list that has ever been devised is meaningless.  Six simple words …

It does not matter if you choose to have faith in God or not,

“He is”

It does not matter if you seek to know His word or not,

“It is”

It does not matter if you like or obey His rules on life or not,

“They are”

What matters is what you do with those simple six little words in your life,

“He is, it is, they are”

Because at the end of your life there are two more words that apply to everyone, regardless of what you did with those six little words in your lifetime.

“He judges”

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